They Are Like My Babies!

Hello, my name is Ting Liu. This is my last week as an intern at Gateway Greening. I have spent 2 months here and gained wonderful gardening and teaching experience. In this passionate organization, people do awesome work in the city!

I am part of the Youth Program and responsible for Early Childhood Education. I deliver weekly gardening classes for three day care centers. I’ve done many interesting activities with children and given them many chances to experience their gardens.

My favorite gardening activity is to plant and transplant vegetables with kids. Kids love this hands-on class. They like to touch and smell leaves and they like to dig soil and water plants. We got many interactions through planting. It is a great way to have them communicate with nature, and it helps me understand them better.

Through the 2-month internship, my thoughts regarding gardening changed a lot. I didn’t have an opinion about gardening before. But now, I am interested in having a small and personal garden near my house. I feel excited about plants’ growth. Each time, when I got to day care centers, I couldn’t wait to check the vegetables we planted. When I found they were getting higher and bigger, I got proud of them. They are like my babies!

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