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Need some additional guidance while expanding your green thumb? No worries, Seed St. Louis has a library of educational resources to support your gardening adventures. Explore our variety of Tips & Tricks below!

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IBC Rain Barrel

Full Sheet IBC Rain Barrel Info

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That Mountain of Catalogs

This is the time of year that if you have been gardening for long you get a deluge of seed and plant catalogs in the mail.  Although it can be really fun to look through them and read all the glowing descriptions it can also be overwhelming to figure out what to order.  So today […]

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Prepping the Garden and Orchard for Winter

Prepping the Garden & Orchard for Winter By this time of year, most of us are ready for a break.  It becomes easy to just leave the garden as it is and worry about it in the spring. Although leaving it for spring is tempting after a long year of tending the garden and orchard, […]

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Increasing Pollination in Your Veggie Garden with Companion Plants

Guest Post by Nicole Miller-Struttann, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology, Webster University Many crop plants rely on local insects for pollination. While honeybees can be important pollinators in agricultural settings, wild bees are often better pollinators. That is good news in some ways, because it means you don’t need a honeybee hive to increase pollination. […]

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Want to Learn with Us?

Seed St. Louis hosts over 40 free virtual classes throughout the year. Our staff provides a wide variety of classes for all gardening enthusiasts.

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Seed St. Louis Planting Calendar

Need some guidance planning your garden? Download a free copy of our Seed St. Louis Planting Calendar to feel confident when you plant and harvest your bounty!

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