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Need some additional guidance while expanding your green thumb? No worries, Seed St. Louis has a library of educational resources to support your gardening adventures. Explore our variety of Tips & Tricks below!

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Winter Kill Cover Crop

If you have an area of the garden that’s empty or the plants are on their way out then you should consider planting winter kill cover crops! Cover crops are any plant that you grow not to harvest but for some other benefit like weed suppression, mulch production, soil improvement, beneficial insect support, etc. If […]

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Strategies for Summer Maintenance in the School Garden

Summer break is just around the corner for many local schools, and while many of you may already be daydreaming of family cookouts, long pool days, and hitting the snooze button on Monday mornings, summer can also bring on a new set of stressors when it comes to tending to a needy school garden. While […]

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Greens for the Summer Heat

Greens are the most nutritious vegetables there are and there are plenty of greens to choose from for the cool months of spring, fall, and even winter including: lettuce, spinach, arugula, mache, turnip greens, mustard, beet greens, kale, collards, chard, radish greens, cabbage, bok choi, tatsoi, sorrel, and a multitude of other less common greens. […]

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Grow Your Own Sweet Potato Slips

Did you know sweet potatoes aren’t grown from seeds? Instead, they are started from root sprouts that slowly emerge from the “eyes” of mature sweet potatoes until they are ready to take over your garden bed with their vines and tuberous roots! This might sound like the plot to a new sci-fi show, but it […]

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Seed St. Louis hosts over 40 free virtual classes throughout the year. Our staff provides a wide variety of classes for all gardening enthusiasts.

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Seed St. Louis Planting Calendar

Need some guidance planning your garden? Download a free copy of our Seed St. Louis Planting Calendar to feel confident when you plant and harvest your bounty!

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