Plant Sales

We hold three seedling sales throughout the year for Spring, Summer and Fall in addition to sales for things like potatoes, leeks, sweet potatoes, and garlic. These sales are open to the general public and will include Seed St. Louis seed packets of varieties we recommend for the area, and merchandise.
All of our plant sales are held outside behind our Carriage House building at 3815 Bell Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63108. Cash, credit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay are accepted as payment.
2024 Sales
March 9: March Sale (Potatoes, Onions, Strawberries, Asparagus, etc.)
April 6: Spring Seedling Sale
May 11: Summer Seedling Sale
August 10: Fall Seedling Sale
October 5: Garlic Sale

March Sale: Potatoes, Strawberries, Asparagus, Leeks, Mushroom Spawn, Onions, Water Chestnuts

March 9, 2024, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Our annual March sale has a variety of things to plant early in the season. We will have seed potatoes, onion sets, leeks, mushroom spawn, asparagus plants, strawberry plants, and water chestnuts.

The asparagus, strawberries, and leeks are all sold as bare-root plants. Planting crops in their bare-root form can lead to healthier and more vigorous plants. Planting guides for all of the items sold will be included with your purchase. (They are also linked below)

We will have more than double the inventory of strawberries and asparagus as last year but we do still recommend getting there early! This sale will not have any pre-orders. It is all first come, first serve.

Sale Location: Seed St. Louis Carriage House, 3815 Bell Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63108

Potatoes, Yukon Gold, $1.00 per pound: A thin-skinned potato with yellow flesh. They have a creamy texture and almost buttery flavor. It’s a cross between a yellow potato and white potato. Planting Instructions

Potatoes, Red Pontiac, $1.00 per pound: Classic red-skinned potato that is great for roasting and salads. They have a higher water content so tend to stay in the shape you cut them into when they are cooked. (Which is why they’re great for potato salad!) Planting Instructions

Yellow Onion Sets, 10 onions for $1.00: Can be harvested for green onions any time or let them grow to a full-bulb size. Yellow onions tend to have a fuller flavor than white. Planting Instructions

Leeks ‘Lancelot’, 5 for $1.00: This member of the onion family is great for soups, salads and roasting. Lancelot is an open-pollinated variety that grows well in our area. Planting Instructions

Mushroom Spawn, Winecap, 1 pound for $5.00: Winecap mushrooms are easy to grow since all you need is some shade and wood mulch. They have a slight nutty flavor and are great for braising, sauteing, grilling, and pickling. 1 pound will cover 5 square feet. Planting Instructions

Strawberries ‘Evie 2’, 6 for $3.00 (bare-root): This is an everbearing variety. This means it will produce smaller crops throughout the growing season instead of all at once like Jewel. Evie 2 produces large berries with excellent flavor. Planting Instructions

Strawberries ‘Jewel’, 6 for $3.00 (bare-root): This variety is June-bearing which means it produces all of its strawberries at the same time in early June. Jewel also produces large berries with excellent flavor. Planting Instructions

Asparagus ‘Millennium’, 3 crowns for $3.00 (bare-root): This green asparagus is productive and has good flavor. This variety does well in a wide variety of soils including heavy soil. Typically, when planting asparagus you will receive a light harvest the second year and a larger harvest the third year. Planting Instructions

Water Chestnuts, 3 for $2.00: Water chestnuts are surprisingly easy to grow! You just need a container that holds water and full sun. (You will also need to start them inside in March since they do have a long growing season.) You can read up on exactly how we grow them, and how to get large yields, at our blog post. If you are using a blue kiddie pool, you will need just 6 water chestnuts.  Planting Instructions

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