Support the SHOWME Your Fitness: Fitness for a Cause CALENDAR! Proceeds benefit Gateway Greening!

Gateway Greening would like to introduce you to our friend Brian Byrd. Brian is the owner of St. Louis Fitness and Wellness Group and a great supporter of Gateway Greening. He and other fitness professionals in the area have created a fitness calendar for the 2016 year that showcases St. Louis trainers, their personal mission, and their favorite workouts, so that you can have a healthier lifestyle too! But the best part? This group is donating the calendar proceeds directly to Gateway Greening and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of St. Louis! You can read more about the calendar below and how to get your copy!

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St. Louis Fitness and Wellness Group presents: SHOWME Your Fitness: Fitness for a Cause, a promotional holiday calendar showcasing St. Louis’s elite personal fitness professionals.

The mission of St. Louis Fitness and Wellness Group is to establish a community environment that promotes fitness, healthy lifestyles, decreases the risk of disease, enhances the quality of life, and increases productivity through healthy lifestyle choices. We encourage families to strengthen their health and well being through educational opportunities, wellness activities and self-improvement. Our goal is to leave a legacy of a happier and healthier community.

In an effort to continue our mission of supporting health and wellness in our community, we present to you SHOWME Your Fitness: Fitness for a Cause. This classy self-promotional calendar series will feature some of St. Louis’s top fitness professionals. The first edition will be a 12-month wall calendar covering 2016 and will feature seven of St. Louis’s elite male personal trainers professionally photographed by St. Louis photographer, Ms. Kat Simone.   Each trainer will be given two months of the calendar and will present a brief bio including what inspires them, what makes them elite, a special quote and all of their contact information. Each month will have by-lines that will describe the location as well as a tagline for the photographer. The trainers will highlight their favorite workouts throughout their months as inspiration to get moving, so there is great practical use for these pieces. A portion of the proceeds will be directly donated to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of St. Louis and Gateway Greening.

The purpose of this piece is to attempt to cross barriers with supporters of community sustainability and the fitness industry. Our industry is all about people and long term change in the way fitness is thought of and how it can impact community. We want to get our excellent professionals in front of an audience that may otherwise be intimidated by or just have no resources for information on what we do. We hope to promote and educate about fitness and to also donate and give back to our community in as many ways as we can.

To purchase your calendar, click here.

“Brian Byrd, founder and owner of St. Louis Fitness and Wellness Group, is a proven fitness and wellness professional of nine years.  Byrd is an expert in personal communication and motivation which results in excellent client retention and overall satisfaction; he stands strong behind the concept of a 360 degree approach to fitness and overall wellness. Along with knowledge and expertise in the fitness and wellness world, Byrd is also a motivational speaker, fitness writer, personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

As new owner of St. Louis Fitness and Wellness Group, Byrd’s dream is to create viable fitness and wellness opportunities for the masses and leave a legacy of health and wellness in his community. He hopes that his community will jump on board with this movement and help him make the community a happier and healthier place.”