Cotton’s Greening

IMG_20150722_081223Playing a particularly athletic morning game.

My name is Myra and I’m a recent graduate from Career Academy High School. I’m a crew member of Gateway Greening’s Dig It STL program, which is an eight week youth employment program that educates and strengthens teens while beautifying the community through urban agriculture. At Dig It we lead and assist volunteer groups and tours and learn hands on basic agriculture and construction skills to help the gardens that Gateway Greening supports. We also take field trips to other gardens and farms. The best part of all? We cook with Chefs using the food we harvest from Bell Garden. Throughout the program, I have learned, grown and networked with plants, animals and people in my community. Im honestly considering to further my education in urban farming because of my wonderful experience at Gateway Greening. Maybe one day I will own an organic farm and name it “Cotton’s Greening”.


Eating guest chef tacos (Myra on the left).


Thom leading a field trip group at the compost station.


Michael leading a field trip group in harvesting herbs.